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100% handmade Natural Soap , I even dry lemon slices at home ! 


Our "Sicilian Summer" Soap Bar contains handmade Carrot Puree & Sicilian lemons essential oils, perfect for a vitamin active summer cleanse to make your skin glow.. It's unique scent will make you want to travel to Italy each time you use it. 


What's the story behind this formula?

I wanted to make a soap that would be nourishing for the summer skin. I come from the South of Italy so the scent of Lemons came top of mind. But how to do an active Lemon soap without any artificial parfums nor colorants? So I thought about homemade Carrot puree & Sicilian Lemon's essential oil !


Carror puree is a great source of Beta-carotene, phenolic acids and vitamin C that applied topically is know to improve the summer skin tone.

The fresh scent of Sicilian lemons essential oils provides antiseptic and astringent benefits to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


This soap is a refreshing & nourishing cleansing bar.

No added colorants, No bleaching agents or other synthetics

Vegan-friendly & Palm-free