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About Me

"On a mission to steal cuisine ingredients to turn them into homemade beauty"

Ciao, I am Claudia & I am the founder of The Beautiful Spoon. I was born in a small town on the Sorrento Coast (Italy) & I live in Dublin (Rep. of Ireland) since 2018. 

My 100% natural, 0% nasties formulas are inspired by Mediterranean healthy cooking and made with a few simple, clean ingredients you can pronounce. 

I created The Beautiful Spoon Limited to empower myself and loved ones to naturally nourish skin & hair the same way you would do for body with food.

My story 

Over the past years I lived in 3 different countries (Italy, France and Ireland), I changed 6 flats, 4 jobs and, along the journey, my dietary habits have evolved driven by my never-ending curiosity for tasting and living locally.

Many times, my skin and hair has shown changes maybe due to the atmosphere in the new city, maybe for the changed hardness of the water or the degree of humidity in the air. Each of those times I found myself asking what was wrong and why that one cream or shampoo I had been using for months did not feel as good as before. It seemed that I became allergic to ingredients that I could not identify.  


Born in my kitchen 


On day, I decided that I wanted to make my own beauty recipes so that they could be accessible, using a few simple ingredients I could pronounce. I had recently received from a friend a box with base kits for face creams but I still found the creation process too complicated and rigid. There was not enough space to express creativity. The ingredients seemed so elaborated and many of them I had never heard of before. I started imagining the possibility of creating beauty recipes that anyone would be able to understand, made with the accessible ingredients you could find at home or in the local grocery markets of your town. After 2 years of soap making, in May 2022 my entrepreneurial journey officially started, when I created The Beautiful Spoon Limited: a Natural, handmade beauty company based in Ireland, where I live. I first certified my soap formulas with Cosmetics safety Solutions Ltd and since a few months my journey has started for real !.

Since then, some "Zero Waste living & Natural cosmetics" experts have already started talking about it (Check out the article from Bottega Zero Waste

I am very excited by the adventure ahead ! I hope The beautiful Spoon will encourage more people to transform their beauty routines naturally. 

Measuring up creativity in...spoons !


I formulate with a Homemade approach, thinking about simple and clean ingredients I can source locally from the market, from my garden or re-use from my kitchen. 

My soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality and attention to quality, like I would do preparing a desserts for my loved ones.

Curious to know why did I choose the "spoon" in my brand name ?

The spoon reminds me of the way my italian grandma described her recipes, a visualisation of “measuring out..roughly”. Whenever I would ask her to share with me the recipe of a dish which was delicious she would never know exactly the amounts but she would say "un cucchiaio" ( a spoon), "un pizzico" ( a pinch) , "a occhio" (I measure by my eye). This is exactly the way I imagined my beauty recipes to be: just enough balanced to be called “recipe” but also flexible enough to allow anyone to easily twist them and add their own touch. I decided I would only use accessible, clean, natural ingredients that anyone could understand, issued from the cuisine like botanical spices with healing powers and vegetal luxurious oils like olive oil and coconut oil.

Eco-conscious & zero waste by nature

My natural soaps are handmade in small batches using the traditional french cold-process method. They are naturally respectful of the environment since I use clean, locally sourced, toxin-free ingredients. Soap bars are hand-cut and come in 100% plastic-free packaging.

I don’t use palm oil and I stay away from nasties (harmful chemicals, toxins, synthetic fragrances/colourants, foaming/bleaching agents or preservatives).  Soap is scented with pure essential oils, coloured with vegetable pigments and infused with organic botanicals. 

Moreover, most things I use in packaging are made from recycled materials and are either recyclable or home-compostable; this includes labels, tissues and wrapping papers.

We hope to inspire more people  influence more businesses, no matter how big or small, to reduce their plastic use and swap to more eco-friendly alternatives. We can do this! Let's stop poisoning the Planet Earth #gozerowaste

Thank you for considering The Beautiful Spoon. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as I enjoy making them.



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