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natural soap bars

Natural Handmade Soap

100% Clean ingredients, 0% Nasties.

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Handmade soap using cuisine natural ingredients 

"Stealing cuisine ingredients and turning them into homemade beauty" 

My natural soap bars are handmade in Ireland (Dublin) in small batches using the traditional french cold-process method. I formulate eco-conscious soap without chemicals. That is why I only use clean, simple and locally sourced ingredients you can pronounce. All soap bars are vegan, free of palm oil, hand-cut and come in 100% zero-waste packaging. If you are trying to adopt a more natural beauty routine for a glowing skin, or to encourage your loved ones to go plastic-free, check out my Soap shop and try one of our natural nourishing soap formulas.

Empower more people around you to go zero waste

Discover Soap Making in one of my next workshops or promote sustainable living on your special event by offering handmade soap. Custom favours available for weddings, corporate gifting, baby shower and more.

natural soap bars

Create your own soap bundle and save

Enjoy 10% discount when you buy 5 or more full size natural soap bars.

Oatmilk soap

Eco-sustainable living

If we don’t look after our precious planet, who will? Sustainable living starts with single daily actions. 

In my soap formula I use 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients. All packaging are made from sustainable materials and are either recyclable or home-compostable.

Do your action today: help reduce single-use plastic waste by using soap bars instead of bottled hand wash and shower gels. Single-use plastics cause so much damage to our lives, homes, planet and health. You will discover you don't really need it !

natural soap bar

Natural ingredients you can pronounce

I formulate soap with a 100% natural & 0% nasties approach. I use simple, clean vegetal oils (like  olive oil) and pure botanicals inspired by the mediterranean cuisine (like cinnamon or coffee grounds). I select ingredients so that my soap labels do not need to be scanned via Yuka or INCI Beauty.

I love the mission of these apps but I am joining a different revolution. Mine starts at the core, making labels understandable by being simple, transparent and true to themselves. So that you will always know what's inside! You don't believe it possible? Visit my shop and try it out.

free from palm oil
cruelty free
Handmade Soap Near Me
Handmade Soap Near Me
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