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Eco-friendly & Personalized Corporate Gifts idea

Are you a business that holds sustainability as a value close to your heart? Then why not treat your team or clients to an eco-friendly corporate gifts ideas ?

Executive assistants, we know you've got a million things on your plate. That's why we're here with handmade, customizable gifts that don't need a PhD in logistics. Quick, easy, and eco-friendly !

We feel (finally!) that corporate gifting is taking a more sustainable turn. For executive assistants and managers seeking unique, sustainable gifts, it is time to say goodbye to generic gifts and embrace a new era of eco-friendly appreciation. It is time to explore plastic-free gifts for client onboarding or offboarding, choose ethical gifts for your next retreat or training session. Everything packed plenty of eco-friendly goodness.

Local businesses are leading the charge, offering personalized gifts that go beyond the ordinary. We also wanted to join the team and give you more choice by offering both natural products and experiences !

Why not considering a handmade soap gift box, crafted in Dublin with natural ingredients, that we can customize using your company logo for a touch of sustainable branding?

For those who want to turn the gift into a team fun moment, we can also plan a private soap-making class. It's not just a gift: it's a team-building, creativity-boosting experience whose flow can be customised depending on the behaviour and mindset you want to drive within your team this year.

Corporate gifting doesn't have to be mundane. Embrace sustainability with our Dublin-born goodies. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a soap-making party, we've got what you need – sustainability served with a side of fun.

Ready to add a touch of sustainability to your corporate gifting game?

Contact us for a quote today and let’s turn your appreciation game up a notch!

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