White Chocolate Christmas Canelé Soap Bar

Check out how to make DIY White Chocolate Christmas Canelés Soap Bar

White Chocolate Christmas Canelés Soap Bar

Beautifully cooked in my kitchen. 100% Vegan 👩‍🍳🥣

Dear Santa,

For this year’s gift, I would love finding under my tree those canelés I once ate in Bordeaux.

Canelé (French: [kan.le]) is a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust.

Oh...I still remember the inebriating smell of fresh baked canelés that surrounded me while entering that shop La Toque Cuivrée at 41 Place Gambetta in the historical centre of Bordeaux. Can you please go there, on that same square, and buy some canelés for my family and friends?

This is my wish for Christmas.

With love,


p.s. on the way, you should really taste one of them.

I would understand if my box has one missing <3

The Recipe for About 4 White chocolate Christmas Canelés of 50gr:

Oils & Butters:

12% Cocoa Butter (the same i use for patisserie) - 20gr

88% Olive Oil - 140gr

Lye Solution

Lye - 22gr

Unsweetened Almond milk - 52gr

Natural parfums:

5 drops of Star anise essential oil

This easy handmade Soap recipe is inspired by a trip in Bordeaux, France, in 2017 when i discovered canelés. I imagined it as a softening caress for both your skin and your senses. I hope it will be as warm as your Christmas times with family. For this, I formulated a nourishing buttery formula blended in almond milk with star anise scent. 

Check out here below how to make these Soap Bars

Cold process Soap making requires important safety procedures along the different steps. Please check them out before trying. Always use gloves and eye protectors along the process, be safe <3

Step 1: to prepare the Lye solution, freeze the almond milk and then sprinkle lye over. This will help in avoiding the solution to become too hot and avoid the risks of scorching.

Leave it aside to cool down until it reaches a temperature of about 30 °C.

Step 2: While your lye solution is cooling down, measure out the oils and melt them in a bain marie pot. Let them cool down at approximately the same temperature of your lye solution. Use a laser or kitchen thermometer to check this.

Step 3: pour the lye solution inside the oils and mix it with a plastic tool (never use aluminium or steel since this might react with the free lye). You can use stainless steel though.

Step 4: use a blender to mix the ingredients until your solution becomes cloudy (always be careful with the blender, immerge it well to avoid splashing). Blend for at least 60 seconds with circular, never vertical, movements to avoid air to be captured by the solution (air tends to create not aesthetic bubbles in your final soap) .

Step 5: add the Star anise essential oil and blend them gently with a plastic spoon.

Step 6: pour your soap into a canelés silicone mould. I do not recommend using the rigid one since unmolding could be difficult and your soap risks to crack. 

Step 7 (optional): if you want to hand them on the Christmas tree, create your ropes (about 5 cm) and insert them gently with a stick inside the soap (i used a toothpick and placed it in horizontal afterwards to keep the rope stable) 

Step 8: let your soap cure for at least 48h. This is the time your lye solution needs to disappear completely into the reaction with oils.

After 48h you can unmould your Canelés and leave them curing in a dry place far from light and heat.I suggest you leave them curing for at least 4 weeks to allow the leathering power to increase and the bars to become more firm and durable.

With a lot of Christmas Love <3


The beautiful spoon



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